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Carbon Fiber BRS Style Rear Spoiler for the Mercedes S63 AMG W222 - S Class (2013-2020)

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If you ever wanted a spoiler for you beloved Mercedes that has maximum aesthetic, then the Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler is the right pick for you. Most spoilers don’t do justice to the overall look of a car, and that’s why this spoiler is specifically made for the Mercedes S Class & S63 AMG . The spoiler is made of carbon fiber, that alleviates the quality of spoilers all over.


What’s Included

  • One exquisite, BRS Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler (CFRP, 2x2 weave)
  • A sturdy 3M Double Sided Tape.

Compatible models

It is compitable with the following models:

  • Mercedes S63 AMG Facelift Limousine (2017-2020)
  • Mercedes S63 AMG Pre Facelift Limousine (2013-2016)
  • Mercedes S Class W222 Limousine (2013-2020)

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